“I’ve got that excited/scared feeling.”

I quit my job last month.

In the moments right before I told my bosses that I was leaving, I felt like I was Owen Wilson in this scene from Armageddon. I was ecstatic for the adventure that I was leaving for, but I was terrified about the familiarity I was leaving behind.

In the days that followed, the pendulum between excitement and anxiety has swung freely. I’m still not sure which emotion has a stronger grip on me, but either way, I’m getting on a plane next week and heading to Macedonia.

I’ve been asked a lot over the last few weeks, since I slowly started sharing the news, about where the heck I’m going. In all honesty, I still don’t know all the answers. I know what the two major languages are, Macedonian and Albanian. (I don’t know how to speak either.) I know I’ll be teaching English. (I don’t know where.) I know the country is geographically the size of Vermont, but I don’t know everything about the topography or exactly what the four seasons are like, save a paragraph or two I read in the welcome information.

I have a lot of questions myself. How often will I be able to communicate with my friends and family? What will I miss in the two years I’m gone? Will I be able to see the new Hobbit movie?

(These are all very important to me, especially The Hobbit.)

As I add to this list of questions and hopefully find answers to some, I hope you’ll follow along.


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