What up world?

I get to say that now because my audience is on both sides of the planet.

If you are reading this, thank a teacher. If English isn’t your first language, then thank your TEFL teacher.

Hopefully, I will have some students that fall into the second category over the next two years as I serve as a TEFL volunteer with the Peace Corps in Macedonia. (Yes, that’s the one by Greece and no, they don’t speak Greek.)

Before I signed up to move halfway across the world and seven time zones away from everything I know and everyone I love, I was a journalist. I wrote for a wonderful, family-owned newspaper. I even won an award once, so that’s neat.

I loved working there and writing, but I’m closer to 30 than 20 and I realized one day that if I didn’t let my wanderlust explode into a PC application, I never would. What if’s aren’t really my thing. (Please see: I wonder if I could pull off a pixie cut; See also: I wonder if I could run a marathon; Related, knee issues.) 

Before living out my April O’Neil dreams at a Pennsylvania newspaper, I was a teacher. I spent some time teaching fifth grade in inner city Baltimore. I have degrees in mass communication/journalism and elementary education, so I can’t think of a better fit than volunteering with the Peace Corps to teach English as a foreign language and blog about it.

Plus, I didn’t really have any plans for the next two years.


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