Macedonia & the internet

If you’ve been faithfully reading for the last three months, you’re starting to get an idea about my Macedonian life.

I’ve showed you a map, talked about the incredible warmth and hospitality of the people and even given you a photo blog about my favorite dishes and snacks. (There’s more where all of that came from.)

Now, here’s what the internet has to say about Macedonia:

  • I’m not from Macedonia. (I mean, I think everyone knows that, right?) When I announced that I was moving to Macedonia for two years, I got asked a lot of similar questions to this video, including the wisenheimer at the end.
  • This was one of the articles I discovered when I first Googled Macedonia. My goal is to cross off every food item on the list. (That’s the measure of success I’m using on my Peace Corps Bucket List entry: “eat everything.”) I’ve already proudly knocked off quite a few.

Delicious Macedonia Dishes

  • Did you know you can try delicious, Macedonian-style food in the US? Okay, so first you need to find a restaurant that serves Balkan cuisine, but after that, you’re golden! (This video starts off a little weird. Two Buzzfeeders are trying to find a cab driver to talk about where he or she came from and share traditional food. Knowing the hospitable culture here, I’m not surprised that eventually, they find someone from the Balkans.
  • Finally, this sums up my current feelings. It’s not actually about Macedonia or the Balkans, but Doug the pug, who is my new favorite internet animal, remixed Mariah’s classic to explain how I’m feeling about Christmas. I’d love to take a break from the cabbage and soup and instead, celebrate the joyous holiday with a Chipotle burrito.

2 thoughts on “Macedonia & the internet

  1. Hahahahaha, Bek, the puppy vid is hilarious; the L.A. vid so informative and both have my tummy growling. I’m searching for a Balkan restaurant as we speak. Merry Christmas!


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