A Brief Lesson in Orthodox Holidays: Old New Year’s

I didn’t go to carnival this year, but I will absolutely be there next year. It’s a whacky, interesting event. Read more from my lovely, fellow PCV, Kait.

The Adventures of Crunchy Granola


January 13th is Old New Year’s Eve, a.k.a St. Vasilij Day, a.k.a St. Basil’s Day depending on who you ask and what tradition they follow and January 14th is Old New Year’s Day. Just picture the same food and merriment from Orthodox Christmas and change the date and you have old New Years, well except for one little detail, there are costumed devils running around everywhere. This is the one festival that I had heard about before I moved to Macedonia and the largest and most popular version of this festival just happens to take place in the small town right next to where I live in Struga. So of course I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival and talking to everyone about it.  Remember how much I love learning about traditions and cultural experiences, well this carnival chock full of them. It has been celebrated in some…

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