It’s been a while since I wrote about food. (That’s not even remotely true, but go with me here.) I got a lot of love after the Snacks on Snacks on Snacks blog during training, so I want to periodically share the snacks, the baked goods, the new foods and everything I’m eating. Enjoy!


Everything I’m eating Vol. 1

6 thoughts on “Everything I’m eating Vol. 1

  1. Yum! Although, I think tolumba might be infringing on the Twinkie patent. Also, what about the BEER? I’m thinking Yuengling Lager is out of the question, but can you get anything comparable?


  2. Lots of tempting stuff — especially the warm chocolate pudding — but I’m not sure I’d do well gastronomically in Macedonia. Your food posts keep reminding me of when a friend suggested years ago that we try out for ‘The Amazing Race’; I told her no because inevitably you have to eat something weird.


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