From Peace Corps Macedonia, with love

I often reflect on the concept of time here.

I think about the slower pace of life here, and the idea of има време. (There is time.) I think about it in the sense of how long I’ve been here and how much of my service remains. I think about how it sometimes seems like ages and other times like moments.

In the big picture, I’m still pretty new to Macedonia, but I already can’t picture leaving – at least not for a while. (Don’t worry mom. I promise I’ll come home after service.)

I found out last week that volunteers in Peace Corps Jordan were evacuated due to the “current regional environment.” (That was the extent of the explanation in the Peace Corps press release.)

One of my dear friends here, Gwen, was evacuated from Peace Corps Ukraine last year. As we talked about the unfortunate situation, she mentioned that during her evacuation, Peace Corps Moldova made a short video for them, sharing their support. She suggested Peace Corps Macedonia do the same.

She put the call out to our volunteers, coordinated with our staff to make sure we could get the video to the Jordan group, and then got to work editing the whole thing. She’s basically a wizard.

She had a really tight window to collect, edit, and send it on its way, and she ultimately had to turn away videos from many volunteers. The short video would have easily become a feature film if she included all the submissions. (They were all filled with love, but no one wants to watch 40 minutes of us sitting in our dimly lit, map-covered rooms, awkwardly peering into our laptops.)

It’s a small gesture, but I’m really proud of my Peace Corps family here for immediately getting on board to make this happen, and even more proud to be part of the greater Peace Corps community.


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