I Stayed

This is the story of a brave volunteer in the Republic of Moldova who endured the unthinkable and chose to stay and finish her service. I admire her strength.

Hannah Goes Fishing

Editor’s note: This post is about sexual assault in Peace Corps. More specifically, it is the story of Kate, a PCV in the Republic of Moldova, who was sexually assaulted last year. She has graciously and bravely chosen to share this story so that you, dear reader, can understand what it’s like to experience sexual assault as a PCV, and (in this case) how Peace Corps handles those terrible situations.

This story contains profanity, and rightfully so. This post also could trigger negative feelings and memories in survivors of sexual assault or rape.

That said, this is an important story. Please have the courage to read it. Thank you.

Life is full of the unexpected. We try as hard as we can to prepare. We wear helmets and seat
belts. We don’t go out alone after dark. We don’t drink too much. We don’t talk to strangers. And yet, the…

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2 thoughts on “I Stayed

  1. The first time I had sex, it was because I was raped. Sometimes I just don’t feel like reading these accounts. But I believe you that it is an important story. Maybe I read later.


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