This Peace Corps Life – Macedonia

When I started service, I also started searching for Peace Corps bloggers around the world. I love reading about the variety of our experiences, and also the common threads in our work. In that search, I found Hannah, a volunteer in Zambia who is working on a project to interview and feature volunteers from across the world. I loved the idea and I was thrilled to help her cross Macedonia off her list. Please enjoy my interview and check out her page to see more about her life and all the other volunteers she’s featured so far.

Hannah Goes Fishing

Thousands of Peace Corps volunteers serve across the globe continent in countries as different from one another as Alaska is from Florida. As part of my blogging goals for 2015, I hope to bring you volunteer interviews from Peace Corps countries all around  the world!. This week, I am excited to introduce to you a volunteer from Macedonia.

Rebekah Brown – Age 27


Where are you from?
I’m from Pennsylvania.

What country and program do you serve in?
I serve in Macedonia in the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) program.

I work in a primary school in a village called Orizari. I work with first through ninth grades, but from the five-year-olds to the fifteen-year-olds, I hear a chorus of “hello” whenever I walk down the hallway or see them in the village. I love that. I work with three English teachers at my school, co-planning, assisting…

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5 thoughts on “This Peace Corps Life – Macedonia

  1. I loved your answer to the question about whether Peace Corps is still a valuable program. I think that interplay of positive feelings is beautiful and hugely beneficial, and it will pay off in many profound ways, most of which you’ll never even know about.

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