девојка no more

Dating, in general, is weird. Dating on opposite sides of the world is no exception.
Relationships are a common topic of conversation among volunteers, whether they are in relationships or the babas in their villages want them to be. This week has been full of those conversations because one of my volunteer friends just got married!
Don’t worry. She didn’t fall in love with a local in the last nine months. (Volunteers have married locals in the past, but they don’t move that quickly.) Her love has grown over the last several years and this week she flew home to marry her American beau.
We helped Regan celebrate with a sort of bachelorette ladies lunch and photoshoot in Kumanovo last weekend. It was a blast and it was really sweet to see how excited she was. (I mean duh. She was getting married!) The word for a single girl is девојка, so we joked about her changing status, and more importantly, ate copious amounts of homemade scones. We’re looking forward to having her back in MAK, but for now, we’re sending some love home to her and her brand new hubby! (I hope there was some traditional opo dancing!) Congratulations!!
I played with my fancy camera and pretended to be a photog. My favorites from our photoshoot are below:

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