The Macedonian burrito

My hilarious friend and fellow volunteer Sarah posted this blog recently and I loved it. Enjoy. -Rebekah

“What’s Macedonia like?”

Well, in Skopje there is a burrito stand called “La Puerta,” close to the river near the center of the city. The burritos they make there are actually pretty decent. They make their own tortillas in house. Their chili verde sauce isn’t bad and they are generous with guacamole portions. The workers are friendly and the atmosphere — although nowhere near authentic Mexican — is fun and bright and welcoming. You can buy beer at the corner store next door to drink with your burrito, although they also make tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and other options if you prefer. Before paying, the woman behind the counter smiles and asks if you want sauce, and at your approval with a smile, pours ketchup and mayonnaise all over your burrito.

Macedonia is close. It’s so, so close. But tragic (sometimes stupid) mistakes ruin the greater burrito. Whether it’s a fountain without a drain, a bar with music far too loud, an elevator without a lift, or a class with no homework, more often than not the situation is far from perfect. One day, Makedonija.

Macedonia is tasty. There are intentions. You can see what Macedonia is going for; you can see the values. But it’s not quite there yet. It’s a burrito with ketchup and mayonnaise.


3 thoughts on “The Macedonian burrito

  1. All of Eastern Europe loves loves loves mayonnaise. Be careful.
    A homemade pizza in Russia was served with pizza crust, ketchup and canned peas. Could easily make a American cry. Salad in Armenia is chopped ice berg lettuce, sliced powerful raw onions, a lot of salt and more mayo than tuna salad. All mixed up to look like runny cole slaw, another tear jerker.
    Stick with dessert!

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