In Memoriam: Julie the Street Cat

She was a fence top patroller, roaming free spirit, and sassy feline, who never found a place she couldn’t nap.

Julie “streetcat” Jordanova, 10, of Orizari, passed away tragically last week following a traffic accident.

She was preceded in death by two sons, Bennie and Lili.

Julie was born in Bulgaria about ten years ago. While her biological parents were unknown to her, Julie spent her life in Macedonia with her loving, adoptive parents, Мирјана and Ванчо. Julie never had any formal education, but was renowned for her climbing skills and survival sense.  Julie never married, but for many weeks enjoyed the company of a village cat paramour.

A fixture in the village for more than a decade, the sassy Persian was often found prowling the trees and fences surrounding her home, keeping watch over her humans, or scaring them when it suited her. She relished her role, when she wasn’t napping in wheelbarrows, in windowsills, or on piles or peppers.

Her favorite pastimes included sneaking into the house, sneaking kittens into the house, rolling in the woodstove ashes, lurking in treetops, meowing at her humans through the windows, and scaring her American as often as possible. Friends and family lovingly recalled her well-practiced balance of spite and apathy, as well as her trademark white coat.

Julie is survived by Lili’s father, several humans, and numerous Instagram fans.

Julie’s family held a private memorial and celebration of life ceremony over the weekend. In lieu of flowers and donations, they ask that friends dedicate a nap in Julie’s honor.

Ode to an Alley Cat

By Katie Sullivan

Fur like cool March snow,

she prowled, strutted, smirked. Aptly,

she ran Rice Town streets.


By Dave Warren

I didn’t know her

She seemed quite happy and fat

And now she is not

julie 5julie 4

julie 6


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