Се Чувствувам Среќно — regan says


Every Peace Corps Volunteer has a different experience. You could be in the same sector in the same town in the same country and your 27 months could still be night and day. I have a link to a number of blogs from other volunteer friends in my group, but I thought this particular post by my dear friend Regan was worth a share. She talks about a subject in which I have no insight to offer: serving while in a long-distance relationship.

Regan was in a serious relationship when she arrived and over the course of her service, that wonderful man proposed and she flew home to marry him. He’s also come to visit her here and I love her take on how they have made it work.

Happy reading.



Pronounced: Say choovst-voo-vahm srehk-no Means: Feeling lucky Someone from the MAK20’s (the cohort of volunteers who arrived in Macedonia one year after my group, the MAK19’s) recently said to me, “oh, YOU’RE the one who went home to get married and came back.” I wasn’t aware that this was my identifier so it made me […]

via Се Чувствувам Среќно — regan says


One thought on “Се Чувствувам Среќно — regan says

  1. that’s because you don’t kiss, i think.

    i like the sentiment that any one of one thousand things can happen. bc that’s so true of LIFE.

    love you my cuz.


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