“Teacher! You have a stain on your cape,” one of my third graders called, her eyes wide as she tried to hide her grin.

As I spun around like a puppy chasing her tail, I craned to see if I had sat in something before the April 1 parade.


Every third grader in earshot burst into peals of laughter. They got me.

April 1st is a big day in Macedonia. The children don’t have classes. Instead, everyone comes to school in costume and we walk around the village in a sort of parade. This year, I convinced one of my counterparts to dress up with me. She was a karate fighter and I was Super Teacher. The kids loved it. They don’t celebrate Halloween here, so this is their  big day to dress up. There is no candy, but they do play tricks and jokes on each other, like the fake stain on my cape. Instead of saying “April Fool’s,” they say, “Apri-li-li-li,” usually followed by giggles.

[Editor’s note: This all happened on April 1, but I just realized I hadn’t uploaded the photos. Oh well. Enjoy!]



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