Run anyway

It was right after mile nine, right after I started into untrained for territory, when a car beeped behind me.

It was weird, because I’ve never had to compete with cars on a race course before, but it was my first race in Macedonia. I yielded as quickly as my sluggish legs allowed, and realized it was a lead car filming the race.

How cool, right? Determined not to look like I was dying in the heat, I put on a cheesy grin and waved. Hi, mom!

And then Kiriu Kiprotich breezed by me like the graceful, speedy lovechild of a gazelle and a cheetah. (Spoiler: That camera wasn’t for me and my sweaty grin.) He later won the men’s full marathon in 2:12:36. Faster than I finished the half.

BUT, cross it off the bucket list because the Skopje half marathon is complete!


I started the race dodging the 5Kers with my friend Jarred. 


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