Around the world in five days

Last week, I sat in my kitchen, gluing and stapling 50 colorful passports together.

Any airport employee with eyes would turn it away, but it was the ticket my students needed to visit five countries last week during Travel Camp. Every morning, the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students crowded around the front doors of my school waiting for the day to begin.

It’s one of the programs through Peace Corps that I love. Funding, supplies, and curriculum are provided for these camps to be held in villages and small communities around the country, offering a special opportunity to the students who attend.

When I announced the camp to my kids back in April, one boy asked whether we would be sleeping at the school too. (No.) I loved the enthusiasm.

And last week, I loved every minute of the week. Several of my volunteer friends, along with my counterparts and a Macedonian friend, all pitched in to teach my kids about Egypt, New Zealand, India, Peru and the US. It was one of my best weeks at site.

Every day we had activities in art, music, dance, and sports, and every day the kids left with big smiles. We surprised the kids with water balloons to end the day on Friday and the reactions were priceless. (They loved that they were allowed to toss balloons at the teachers too!)

After the final passports were stamped and colorful certificates of completion were handed out, a group of them gathered around and asked, “Teacher Rebekah, will you still be our teacher next year too?”

Of course!! These sweet kids are the reason I asked to extend my service to the end of the semester, rather than leave in October or November. I just love them too much.

After lots of photos and selfies, one of my sixth grade girls had one more question: “Teacher, can I hug you?”

Of course. Always. I love hugs and I love my kids. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Around the world in five days

  1. Hi! When is the end of the semester ? So great you love life being with and teaching those kids… much purpose in what you are doing….#goodlifeserving. Way to go! 1 Peter 4:10

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