I want my MTV

So a crazy thing happened recently. My friend Dave and I were on national television to talk about how awesome GLOW and YMLP camps are.

I love talking about GLOW

every chance I get. It’s been a highlight of my service here, working with our team of Peace Corps Volunteers and Host Country Nationals to plan and then seeing the realization each summer, when 80 of the brightest young women Macedonia has to offer join us for a week of growth, love, and laughter. So when Dave and I were asked to represent the camps on television, the answer was obviously yes.

We thought we would be able to speak in English, and have our answers translated, but they asked us to put our Macedonian to use. We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. My program manager, and the Peace Corps staff liaison for GLOW, emailed us after watching it live (yikes!) to say that we were charming and that we made her proud. I think charming was a nice way to say, “the Macedonian wasn’t great, but you were really cute trying.”

My host mom said the interviewer was obviously not used to talking to foreigners because she was asking the questions way too fast, but we were impressive nonetheless.

Some other friends, who don’t speak a word of Macedonian, said it sounded perfect.

Our grammar wasn’t perfect, but we loved talking about the programs we love and it was a cool experience to cross off the bucket list.



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