My PCV friends write too


I asked all my blogging friends to introduce themselves, describe their blogs in three words (No one followed that rule. It’s cool.), and most importantly to share their favorite Macedonian food. (It’s alphabetical by last name because that’s who I am.) Please enjoy the bloggers of MAK 19:

Blog: Finding new places to take a nap

  • Name: Sarah Blake
  • American home: Baltimore, MD
  • Macedonian home: Gostivar proper
  • Favorite Macedonian food: ajvar, duh.
  • Three words that sum up the blog: poor writing. (sorry.)

Blog: The Adventures of Crunchy Granola

  • Name: Kait Bowdler
  • American home: Philadelphia, Pa
  • Macedonian home: Struga, MK
  • Favorite Macedonian food: Everything except pickled salad. Tavcha Gravcha with smoked pork ribs is pretty great too.
  • Three words that sum up the blog: Mostly Just Food

Blog: Memories, Better Remembered

  • Name: Katie Burk
  • American home: Pleasant Valley NY
  • Macedonian home: Sopiste
  • Favorite Macedonian food: shopska salata
  • Three words that sum up the blog: updates for the homefront

Blog: Peaces of Paige

  • Name: Paige Gibbons
  • American home: Elverson, Pennsylvania
  • Macedonian home: Kavadarci
  • Favorite Macedonian food: Tavče gravče
  • Three words that sum up the blog: Inspiring through snapshots

Blog: Engage, Educate and Entertain

  • Name: Logan Monday
  • American home: Nashville, TN
  • Macedonian home: Lakocerej, Ohrid
  • Favorite Macedonian food: Baklava
  • Three words that sum up the blog: Culture, travel & learning.

Blog: Discover World Citizen

  • Name: Abby Nelson
  • American home: Eagan, MN
  • Macedonian home: KrivaPalanka

Blog: Regan Says

  • Name: Regan Pepples
  • American home: Omaha, NE
  • Macedonian home: Kumanovo, Macedonia
  • Favorite Macedonian food: баба цана салата (It’s like, green lettuce, cabbage, carrots, onions, cheese, and prosciutto.)
  • Three words that sum up the blog: What Regan Says About Macedonia

Blog: Volunteer Redux

  • Name: Gwendolyn (Gwen) Schaefer
  • American home: Louisville, KY
  • Macedonian home: Berovo, MK
  • Favorite Macedonian food: Pastrmajlia
  • Three words that sum up the blog: Rambling curiosity. I can’t think of a third word. Haha

Blog: Makedonka: You better believe

  • Name: Susan Schell
  • American home: Birmingham, Alabama (Roll Tide!)
  • Macedonian home: Prilep, Macedonia
  • Favorite Macedonian food: tulumba and zelnik
  • Three words that sum up the blog: lack of punctuation

Blog: This Must Be the Place

  • Name: David Strouse
  • American home: Colorado
  • Macedonian home: Tetovo
  • Favorite Macedonian food: Burek, NO! Tavche Gravche. I’M SO TORN!!! But yes. I think TG.
  • Three words that sum up the blog: Life, Travel, Peace Corps (Sorry, I used four words.)

Blog: Wait, where’s Macedonia?

  • Name: Stacie
  • American home: Denver, Colorado
  • Macedonian home: Përshefcë–a small Albanian village outside of Tetovo, and with an Albanian family.
  • Favorite Macedonian food: AJVAR on anything and everything.
  • Three words that sum up the blog: awe-inspiring, infrequent, humorous

Blog: Querencia

  • Name: Eileen Swinehart
  • American home: Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • Macedonian home: Arnaqi-Skopje, MK
  • Favorite Macedonian food: леб? No, actually it is sarma.
  • Three words that sum up the blog: Living the Dream!

Blog: Rucksack Wanderers

  • Name (s): Jarred and Andreya Taylor
  • American home: Texas
  • Macedonian home: Delcevo
  • Favorite Macedonian food: сарма!
  • Three words that sum up the blog: 1. We’re married 2. We write about our TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) and CD (community development) work. 3. We love the outdoors.

Blog: When Life Finds You in Macedonia

  • Name: Rachel Von Holle
  • American home: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Macedonian home: Vevcani
  • Favorite Macedonian food: carma, stuffed peppers, ajvar
  • Three words that sum up the blog: never hungry, real experiences, mistakes are good. (Okay those are three phrases.)







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