A ден in the живот


7.00: I suck at waking up. A night owl can’t change its feathers. (That’s how the expression goes, right?)


7:05: If my walk to school takes ten minutes for me, it would probably take 15+ on Macedonian time. I can’t break the power walk.


7.20: Hello first coffee of the day.

7.30: Students – Hello (chorally)
Me – Hi, how are you guys?
Students – Fine, thanks. (again, chorally)
Seriously. Same response every day.

8.10: More coffee? Sure.

8.55: The 20-minute student break means I’m reading the news on my Twitter feed, until I get distracted by a cute animal video.

11.25: When your students check to make sure there will be English Club after classes.


12.10: My English Club kids are excited about pen pals! Favorite questions: “Are you good at history? Maybe you know Alexander the Great.” and “Do you know where Macedonia is?”

13.15: Just casually walking home with my BFF.

14.00: More coffee with host moms? Sure.

14.30: More coffee with my tutor? Sure.

16.30: Making plans to play a drinking board game to “practice my language skills.” #integration

17.00: Making a fire in the woodstove either takes one match or 20. There is no in between. Today, it is my Everest.


17.30: Gosh, I miss central heat so much. #peacecorpsprobz

18.00: If I eat half a jar of ajvar, that counts as a vegetable for dinner right?

19.00: There are only two things I Google: recipes and lesson plan ideas. #teacherlife

20.30: The same thing we do every night Pinky: sing duets with Adele

21.00: Does picking out my clothes for school tomorrow mean you’re an adult? Asking for a friend.

21.30: Nothing better than a Skype date with some of my favorite Americans. 🙂

23.30: Dobra nok world.

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